2017 Client Use Cases & Best Features

Running and building a startup is all about creating new and disruptive technology. We have been busy doing a lot of that this year. We developed a lot of cool features and tools and as we dive into Q4 here are some of the things you can do with SlidePiper.

First of all our platform allows complete customization, white labeling and adaptation to our clients’ needs using wizards and office tools like PowerPoint – yes amazing! A fully deployable process/portal or interactive webpage all starting from PowerPoint.

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Customer Onboarding – are you giving it enough attention?

Many companies today have good technology systems to provide service to their clients but often the “onboarding” has been left behind. Because of KYC, AML and other regulations the process to “onboard” the customer can be more complex than an organization would have intended. A typical onboarding process can take anywhere from a few minutes to as long as several months.

Customer onboarding is not a fun game. It’s demanded by policy or regulations and we have to do it! If we could, we would just give a customer a unique id get there payment instructions and be done with it, right? It turns out that in many industries and especially in the financial sector the regulations just don’t allow it to be that simple and so we have the birth of “customer onboarding”. Continue reading Customer Onboarding – are you giving it enough attention?